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Victorian Style Conservatory Design and Installation

Victorian Conservatories

Currently one of the most popular conservatory designs for many homes is a Victorian style conservatory. Dating back to the late 1500s, when they were predominantly used to cultivate citrus fruits, the conservatory was popularised during the Victorian era, during which some of the most splendid designs were realised.

If you have a pre-existing Victorian conservatory design which needs a new roof or other repair, we will be delighted to provide everything required for a sympathetic transformation to contemporary comfort. Alternatively, for anyone wishing to buy Victorian conservatories we have an excellent selection available which are appropriate for almost every property and surprisingly reasonable to install.

Grand Designs for Smaller Spaces

There’s no need to miss out on superior style options and spectacular design just because you have an area which is best suited to a small conservatory. We have established links with innovative suppliers who recognise that many people want space which fuses a grand aesthetic with compact living. In response, designers have created several superlative products which combine spectacular style with diminutive dimensions. These conservatories are extremely popular and go a long way to give credence to the old adage that “small is beautiful”. Your Victorian conservatory installation does not need to be a huge job that disrupts your life when you choose Mark Robbins Improvements.


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We only install conservatory roof and frame systems that are designed to be coupled together, resulting in a well-designed hassle free conservatory



1USE. What do you hope to get from your Victorian conservatory and what will it be used for? Its intended use will determine which style or layout you choose and how large it needs to be.2MATERIAL. UPVC is hard wearing and requires minimal maintenance, a frequent wipe down and light oiling of metallic parts is all that’s required to keep your Victorian conservatory looking like new
3POSITIONING. If you have the choice, think about where to position your Victorian conservatory. Those south facing will receive more daytime sun, so you may need to consider additional ventilation and even blinds.4SIZE. When you've decided on the design and positioning of your new conservatory some thought needs to go into how much additional space you require, along with how much garden space you may lose.
5GLAZING. Roof glass will help keep your Victorian conservatory cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Whilst polycarbonate is more affordable, insulates and can considerably reduce glare in south facing positions.Conservatory rooflineROOFLINE. The roofline area above a conservatory can be difficult to access, therefore it is advisable to ensure the roofline is in good condition or refurbished prior to installation.



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