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Complete Control with Bespoke Conservatories

When planning a conservatory or extension, there are a number of key factors which homeowners consider when making a purchasing decision. As well as the appearance of the conservatory, there are also practical matters such as durability, insulation and longevity to take into account. Space, planning constraints, location and the presence of pre-existing walls, trees or corners can all make a difference to the conservatory styles which are best suited to an installation.
An off-the-peg conservatory is just not suitable to meet the diverse requirements many installations have. This is why our conservatory design is specifically shaped to the needs of the client.
Our reputation for premium customer service is based on our commitment to listening carefully to what you want, then doing all we possibly can to secure it for you in a professional and cost-effective manner. The bespoke conservatories we provide are an aggregation of the style and components we feel will provide the best outcome.

Custom Conservatories with a Personal Touch

We ensure that, no matter how severe the constraints, we supply a tailor-made conservatory which is constructed from complementary parts designed to fit securely and seamlessly together. Our constructions are always undertaken in line with building regulations, even if planning permission is not required.
As highly experienced installers and suppliers of custom conservatories, we have an expert knowledge of the products which leading manufacturers in the field can provide. We continuously update and expand our knowledge base, enabling us to offer innovative, cutting-edge solutions to many of the common problems which can emerge when a conservatory is being planned or executed. Throughout your dealings with us, every endeavour is made to provide a genuine, high calibre service and we take great pride in doing a good job, delivering exactly what the customer envisages
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Friendly, Reliable, and easy to deal with, We offer honest transparent advice and a zero pressure personal service.
We are the home improvement company with a difference and focus on exceeding expectations and establishing good long term relationships with our clients.
We offer the highest quality products, and considering our levels of service, and meticulous installation process our prices are kept very competitive.
Locally manufactured windows and conservatories, manufactured to the highest quality, in state of the art, Somerset based factories.
We only install conservatory roof and frame systems that are designed to be coupled together, resulting in a well-designed hassle free conservatory


1USE. What do you hope to get from your custom conservatory and what will it be used for? Its intended use will determine which style or layout you choose and how large it needs to be.2MATERIAL. UPVC is hard wearing and requires minimal maintenance, a frequent wipe down and light oiling of metallic parts is all that’s required to keep your custom conservatory looking like new
3POSITIONING. If you have the choice, think about where to position your custom conservatory. Those south facing will receive more daytime sun, so you may need to consider additional ventilation and even blinds.4SIZE. When you've decided on the design and positioning of your new conservatory some thought needs to go into how much additional space you require, along with how much garden space you may lose.
5GLAZING. Roof glass will help keep your custom conservatory cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, while polycarbonate is more affordable, insulates and can considerably reduce glare in south facing positions.
Conservatory rooflineROOFLINE. The roofline area above a conservatory can be difficult to access, therefore it is advisable to ensure the roofline is in good condition, or refurbished prior to installation, we can assist with this.


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